Prostate Cancer Healed


I had a prostate biopsy two years ago this coming July. The biopsy indicated that I had cancer cells in 2 of the 12 samples that they examined. It was determined the cancer cells were the non-aggressive type. Even though I elected at that time to initiate “watchful waiting,” the doctor indicated that at some point when the PSA reaches a certain level I would need to have my prostate removed.

I was already attending the Berean Fellowship Church when this diagnosis took place. In fact, by then I was a frequent attendee of Billy Burke’s healing services. I went up front for prayer and was initially told by Pastor Billy that the cancer cells would leave as fast as they developed. I stood on that word believing for a manifestation of healing in my prostate!

During that time I would have my PSA numbers checked every three to four months and my numbers continued to climb. To be honest, I was struggling with the fact that the numbers were climbing even though I continued to believe for the manifestation of my healing. I had been fighting the fear of having to have my prostate removed which led me to go up for prayer with Billy during the service that was held at the Berean church in May.

I never told Pastor Billy my concerns about losing my prostate when I went up for prayer. He looked at me and said, “You are not going to lose anything.” He briefly walked away, but quickly came back and said to me, “You are alright, do you hear me? You are okay."
I was absolutely convinced that these words came directly from the Holy Spirit. Billy had no idea what my concerns were or what the recommended treatment plan was when he told me that “I was not going to lose anything!”

However I went back for a PSA reading at the beginning of June and the PSA had jumped 1.2 points and the Doctor recommended I schedule another biopsy. I asked the Doctor to let me wait another three months and check the PSA one more time before we initiate the biopsy.

I found out that Billy was going to hold a healing service at the New Castle Assembly Of God in September, the week before my next blood test. Billy called prostate cancer and I came up for prayer. I told Billy that I have been standing on the previous word he gave me but that my PSA had jumped up. Billy said to me “like Elijah out ran the chariots your faith will out run your PSA."

I took the blood test and went back to the doctor the following Thursday. The Doctor told me my PSA went down a little and he was going to cancel the biopsy. I shouted “praise the Lord!” and they scheduled my next follow up four months later. In the time period all of this transpired I had become an Usher and “catcher” for Billy’s Berean Services. During the healing service at Berean in January I gave my testimony for the reduction of the PSA and the cancellation of the biopsy. The following week I again was scheduled for the blood test and my Doctor visit. When I met with the Doctor I found out that my PSA went down an entire point. Within a period of approximately eight months my PSA went down from 5.4 to 4.2! Although the doctor tried to not look too impressed he did remind me to be sure I kept going to the same lab, which I did, and to make sure not to have relations right before a blood test, which I haven’t.

I told the doctor that I believe that the healing I had been given the word on is manifesting, and that I expect the next time I go in for a blood test the PSA is going to go down even more! He was not willing to concede anything in my prostate, or from the Holy Spirit, but he had no explanation as to why in an eight to ten month period my PSA would go down over 20%!

I believe the healing in my prostate is continuing to manifest even now as I write this testimony letter. Thank God for his promises and his love. That he loves us so much that he is even willing to offer a word for us to wrap our faith around as we struggle with fears that the facts of the moment appear to reinforce. But, praise the Lord, the facts can’t withstand the truth.
I am so excited for the full manifestation and total healing that I am certain will come.

- In Jesus Love, Drew P. (Pittsburgh, PA)