My Life is Forever Changed


“This letter of thanks and gratitude is long overdue. I have been attending your healing services in Pittsburgh since 2008. My sister, Amy and I came together seeking a healing for our mother who was diagnosed with leukemia. We were never able to get her into a meeting, but mom lived about six months longer than the doctors gave her. I came every month to stand in for her and I haven’t stopped coming. Every month, God spoke through you as you spoke words of encouragement and hope. Your words answered my silent questions and built up my faith. It was amazing! I know it was the grace of God that kept mom here with us for those extra months. I am happy that she is now home with our Lord!

Through your ministry and teachings I have been encouraged, strengthened in my faith, enriched in the word, and challenged! My daughter, Emily, was healed of a heart condition. During her soccer practice she was hit in the chest and was having pains. The cardiologist did an echo and found a leaky valve, and said a chamber of her heart was enlarged. We were in the exam room waiting while they wanted to do another echo. I laid my hands on Emily and prayed, believing and trusting in the finished works of Jesus. As we were waiting, the enemy attacked me with family history. I used God’s Word to tell him that he is a liar, and I stood firm on the promises of God. All during the second echo, I confessed healing over Emily. The echo turned out normal! In 45 minutes, Emily went from having a leaky valve and enlarged heart, to being completely normal!

This is only one of many, many miracles that God has done since I have been blessed by your ministry. My sister, Kim, is now free from an abusive relationship. Free after 28 years of horrible verbal and at times, physical abuse! She is totally free! God brought an event that allowed an opening for me to become more involved in her life. I would pray over her apartment a prayer of deliverance, words that I knew were not of me, but of the Holy Spirit. I could feel the evil leave! Thank you, Pastor Billy, for all the teaching. I know it worked. I brought her to your healing service and you came down the aisle and touched my sister. The joy of the Lord came over her! How marvelous it is to have my sister back, and laughing! Thank you Jesus!

And possibly the most miraculous story is my dear friend Janice. She is Jewish, and last year I was able to lead her to the Lord by the Holy Spirit. It has been amazing! God is beyond any words that I can use to describe Him. God so amazes me that He chooses to use a quiet housewife from Pittsburgh to work through. I am so excited to see what is next, and to be a part of what God is doing!

Thank you for all that you and your family have shared, taught and sacrificed. It has made such a difference in my life and the many people that God brings into my circle. Pastor Billy, I am honored to be connected to such a man of God as yourself. Please accept my true heartfelt thanks! I pray the blood of Christ over you, your family and your ministry!”

- Linda B. (Pennsylvania)