Healed of Infertility Problems

“I had the blessing of meeting you in one of your healing crusades twelve years ago at Pastor Font’s Church in Orlando.  I went desperately to your service seeking God’s healing after being diagnosed with infertility problems.  At that time, I was the mother of a disabled child with severe mental retardation.  I had two miscarriages and was scheduled to undergo a fertility treatment with a specialist in Miami.  During this difficult time I heard you were coming to my church and I decided to serve at your healing service.

That night, you called me up and asked, “What do you want from God?”  I told you that I wanted to become pregnant again, and I already had two miscarriages. You asked me what the doctors had said, and I told you that an infertility specialist advised me to seek medical treatment from another doctor in Miami.  You told me to raise my arms and asked what I was feeling in my body.  I was feeling warmness in my entire lower abdominal area.  You said that God was healing me, and you gave me a prophecy of having a child- healthier than I have ever thought!  I was amazed since only God knew my concern of having a healthy child!  I felt the power of God and fell down to the floor. 

Later on, I went back to my seat and you kept praying for other people.  Suddenly you asked, “Where is the lady I just spoke to?”  I stood up and was given a second prophecy of having another child.  I kept feeling the anointing of the Holy Spirit in a tremendous way!  You continued praying for other people, then once again, came looking for me.  You gave me another prophecy that I would have a fourth child even though I would not want it.  All the congregation and myself were amazed!

About three weeks after attending your service, I became pregnant!  I never went to Miami to see the infertility specialist.  Today, I am the blessed mother of four children, and all prophecies given through you by the Holy Spirit were fulfilled!  I am very grateful for you and your ministry.  May God keep using you for the healing of other people in the same way He did for me!  God bless you!”

- Ivonne M. (Orlando, FL)

"Today I am the blessed mother of Four children!"