Delivered of Schizophrenia

For years I struggled with Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.).  In August of 2012 year, Jesus visited me and I told him I didn’t want to be crazy anymore. I had an uninvited passenger inside of me. He showed me the demon inside of me, and then He kicked it out. That was the last day I had Schizophrenia! I have not had one black out and I haven’t seen anything that wasn’t real since then! But I was still struggling with the D.I.D. and I couldn’t understand why. The Lord gave me this overwhelming desire to go on a 40 day fast.

On October 27, 2012, the second day of my fast, I went to the service in Tampa, FL. The Lord gave me a prophetic word through Pastor Billy and said to drink of the living water with the cup of my hand, and said that I was part of God’s Army! That was the missing key to my freedom! I was so hungry and thirsty for Jesus. That word from the Lord gave me strength and courage. It took my eyes off my problem, and put my eyes on Jesus. Then on November 3rd, I told the Lord that I didn’t want my altered personalities anymore. I only needed Him! I went to another service and Pastor Billy prayed for me twice. 

The first time the glory of God came on me so strong and I was slain in the Spirit. The second time Pastor Billy prayed, I felt resistance and I began hearing the voices in my head telling me, “Shut up!” “Don’t tell him!” “Don’t say a word!” So I opened my mouth and told Pastor Billy that I had Dissociative Identity Disorder. I told him that I didn’t want it anymore, I just wanted to be one William. Pastor Billy told the crowd to stretch their hands towards me and pray. I started to shake against my will. Pastor Billy started to pray for me and I felt Jesus stand in front of me! I lost it and I began to weep and cry. I felt the Glory of God! I blacked out and had a vision of Jesus walking inside me. I saw a stone well. Jesus went to the bottom of the well and stopped. Then suddenly this ugly looking thing, a demon, popped out. Its face was so scared. It was terrified! It scared me. As it got to the top of the well I felt it come out of my mouth. It felt like Jesus knocked that thing out of me! It screamed and came out of me. I had no strength, my legs gave out and I fell to the floor. When I got up I was completely delivered! My mind was healed.

I was a prisoner in my own mind for 30 years, but Jesus set me free that night! November 3rd is the day of my freedom from D.I.D! Thank you Master, Thank you Jesus!

- William M. (Tampa, FL)